Meet the Staff

Our office manager, Sharon, keeps the office running smoothly - for our benefit and yours. She pays the bills and keeps track of the team. When she is not in the office, she enjoys flower gardening, shopping and creating new things with arts and crafts. She along with her husband are very active in their church and enjoy spending time with their two daughters.

Insurance is often confusing, but Becky, our insurance expert, is knowledgeable and really wants to help both you and us. She also works in the front office greeting patients at check out and pre-certs insurances for all of our patient's surgeries. If you have a question about your bill, Becky is the one to ask. She enjoys bike riding, scrapbooking, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Melony, our orthopedic nurse, has been with us for more than 15 years. She works with the doctor and usually knows what he needs before he asks. She returns the patient's phone calls with answers to your questions, and for major cases, she assists Dr. Bergquist and Dr. Hirsbrunner during surgery. Melony and her husband enjoy farm life and spending time with their two grown children and son-in-law.

Our x-ray technician and triage, Laure, is excellent at getting the views and information that the doctors need to help diagnose your problem. She and her husband love to travel to visit their children and grandson. They also enjoy cheering for their son Grant when he plays baseball at the Field of Miracles!

Jan is our transcriptionist and was one of our earliest employees. She has been with us since 1983. She also works on all of our medical record requests for our patients. In her spare time, she enjoys walking, camping and spending time with her husband and two grown daughters.

Barbara works in the front office greeting patients at the front window and check out window. She gets the patients charts ready before they arrive. She checks all of your insurance information to makes sure the information is accurate, handles our referrals and schedules all of the tests when needed. In her off-time she loves to cook and create new things with arts and crafts. She loves to travel with her husband and spend time with her daughter and grandson.